We turn this.....                                                                           Into this

   What's a Cheeky Kake? A Cheeky Kake is a baby gift made from diapers, blankets, washcloths, stuffed animals, books, socks, shoes and more. Easily take your Cheeky Kake apart to use all the ingredients for baby!

Cheeky Kakes offers something for everyone with creations ranging from simple yet beautiful, to extravagant and organic! Design the perfect gift based on the parent's own baby shower or nursery theme; even include personal mementos or a gift certificates to add the ultimate touch! No creation is too crazy for Cheeky Kakes handle!

Wondering where to start? Call us at 3104837911 to place your order now. You can also visit our Gallery or   Themes-Ideas-Filling page to jump-start the creative process. Already know what you are looking for? Contact us to begin your order.