Hey guys!

My name is Tiffany and I live in Los Angeles California.

 I am the owner & designer at Cheeky Kakes. I turned my love for creating into a business a few years ago. I was in search of a special gift to give my best friend. I always loved the idea of giving something creative. I wanted to present her with a gift that no one else would be giving, something she would always remember. As a mother of two, I knew the gift needed be something she would actually use.  After seeing a diaper cake online (that wasn't very cute), I decided to try to make my own. It looked better than I imagined and everyone at the shower was asking where they could get one! With my passion for creating and strict attention to detail. Cheeky Kakes was born!

Let me tell you more....

Your custom Cheeky Kake will be made from baby items such as diapers, blankets, shoes, hats, stuffed animals and more! Your choice of size, color, shape, theme and everything in between.  

Each creation is a work of art. When you're ready, take your Cheeky creation apart to use all the items included for baby!! We never use glue when assembling our creations.

If you're looking for a shower centerpiece, need a hospital gift for the new arrival or if you're just looking for something different and memorable. We will work with you to bring your vision to life. We have something for everyone!

 This is what sets us apart from any other diaper cake company you may find. 

Just give us a call 310.717.8397 or send us an email to cheekykakes@gmail.com. We look forward to customizing your unique Cheeky Kake! Ready to Design and Create?                                   Let's Get Started!