Planning my daughter’s baby shower in California and living in FL was no easy task. I found Cheeky Kakes online not knowing who or what I was going to get but I knew I wanted a special diaper cake centerpiece for my daughter’s baby shower. After talking to Tiffany and telling her my vision, which was a horse and carriage, she got to work and make the most beautiful custom diaper cake I’ve ever seen. When I walked into the room, it took my breath away how she managed to put together the perfect horse and carriage made out of of diapers and everything baby girl. Tiffany goes above and beyond your expectations. The creativity and depth to her detail is extraordinary. Everything that was used to create the horse and carriage, my daughter was able to take apart and use on her new baby. I would definitely recommend Cheeky Kakes for anyone looking for a beautiful diaper cake creation.

- Nancy Brown - Florida

"I can't say enough about the quality and service we received from Cheeky Kakes.  Tiffany's professional demeanor and gorgeous diaper cake made my baby shower so memorable.  The diaper cake was better than I imagined and exceeded my expectations.  I will definitely use Cheeky Kakes in the future.  Thank you!"
Megan V. - Kentucky




FACT: If a baby is changed every 4 hours, that equals 6 times a day....  Over one year that totals 2,190 DIAPERS! Most People Change Their Baby Even More Than That!






"I was given a CheekyKakes diaper cake for my baby shower and it was so amazing and so huge that it literally became the centerpiece of the whole shower!! Everyone was asking about it.  It was gigantic!  There must have been a thousand diapers in it (which really come handy even three months later) and I keep finding cute onesies and adorable stuffed animals and booties inside! The cake was 4 tiers with ribbons and flowers and words, oh my!! It was absolutely thrilling to receive this gift.  Perfect for any expectant mom or dad!!"
-Kati H. - Los Angeles





Your first breath took ours away.... 




I have never seen such beautiful, useful, creative ideas for a baby gift. Tiffany has the vision that everyone thinks about but can never put together themselves. She made a cake for my cousin's baby shower and it was the hit of the party. At first people thought it was an actual cake but were complete blown away when they realized it was a cake made out of diapers. She is truly talented and you can see how big her heart is with her designs. She loves her babies!!
Shawn Z - Clearwater FL



There is nothing really quite as sweet as tiny little baby feet.




"When I first saw a picture of a CheekyKake, I thought- What a fantastic idea for a baby gift. Everything in the "kake" is usable for the baby and it looks so adorable. Not only was the gift personalized, but everyone at the baby shower could not stop talking about how perfect it was! Italso made a fabulous centerpiece for the baby shower! The mom-to-be also LOVED the gift and has placed it in the baby's room as decoration! Love the CheekyKake brand and so happy to gift another one the next time a baby is coming! Thanks!" 
-Shannon I. - Los Angeles






A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty





"The diaper cakes made by Tiffany at CheekyKakes are the best gift anyone can get at a baby shower. They're like the center piece of the party. If you want to show how best of a friend you are to your expecting gal the first thing you must order is one of these amazing cakes. And we all know what moms need most are diapers. I had one at my baby shower and it was so beautiful that I almost didn't want to break it apart when I had to use the diapers. I totally recommend Tiffany and her art to any best friend, aunt, sister, grandma that want to have the best baby shower on the block. You won't regret it and the future mom will love you even more for thinking of such a cool gift for her."
Bianca D. - Los Angeles