Our Story

It all started with a baby shower for one of my dearest friends. I was so excited to celebrate her. I wanted to make her feel special by giving her the most memorable gift ever! All she wanted were diapers.

Here’s the deal. The gifts that are the most practical are not heartfelt, while the gifts that are the most sentimental don’t end up getting used. Why do we need to sacrifice practical gifts in order to make them sentimental? Then it hit me… Why not have both?

Why not take all of the practical items you’d find in a registry, and package them up in an unforgettable way? Giving a gift as memorable as the moment. This is how Cheeky Kakes was brought to life.

At first, I had no intention of starting a business with my first Cheeky Kake. But then I saw the impact they had at events and suddenly, everyone needed one! Before I knew it, I’d created a website and was taking orders online.

At the time, I had very little business experience. I was a stay at home mom and just had my second baby. What was I thinking starting a business on my own?

It took me some time to gain confidence in what I was doing with my new business venture. Telling people “I make diaper cakes, but they’re different” was often pretty confusing to understand and awkward to explain. Not to mention, putting your art on display for public consumption isn’t an easy thing to do! But seeing the happiness Cheeky Kakes brought to people… I had to keep going.

Fast forward a few months; people really started to take notice of Cheeky Kakes. We went from a small word-of-mouth business, to a thriving production with celebrity clients and a small team! I feel very fortunate to be on this journey. I love helping you celebrate these magical moments in your life. 

We’re so excited you’re here, and hope you come get Cheeky with us!



Tiffany and the Cheeky Team