How did we get this idea you ask?

“Well…. It all started with the baby shower of one of my dearest friends. See, I believe in going all out, and that especially translates to gift giving. Cause after all, if you’re going to give a gift, “give a gift as memorable as the moment.”

Tiffany’s diverse background in the fashion industry provided her the opportunity to travel the world, work with top designers and fuel her love of art, culture and design. Looking to forge her own path, Tiffany enrolled in floral design school, where she learned how to bring her visions to life. But ultimately, the florist life just wasn’t for her because in the end, “the flowers die and the water stinks.”

As a single mother of two, Tiffany understands the importance of giving a gift that is truly useful. Blending fashion with function, “Pull-Apart Art” was born! If you really want to stop the show, then you definitely need to get Cheeky with it, because not only are our Kakes unique, every ingredient of your Cheeky creation is usable for your baby. Simply pull apart your piece of art to reveal diapers, blankets, stuffed animals and more!

So, come join us in welcoming new life into this world! Join the Pull-Apart Art movement and come get Cheeky with us!