Cheeky Things Coming Soon!

New e-commerce site launching Fall 2023

Our Cheeky Kakes are made from much-needed products like: diapers, blankets, wash cloths, stuffed animals, bibs, and more! We present these items in a unique new way, turning them into look-a-like cakes, cars, flower arrangements, and other creations! Our Cheeky Kakes are handmade and carefully curated with products from the best brands in the market. Pairing essential with exciting, a Cheeky Kake is the perfect gift that lets you have your kake and keep it too!



Want your brand in our Cheeky Kakes? Let’s see if we vibe!


Have you seen the most recent health craze in Beverly Hills?!   

It’s a pile of…

KIDDING! It’s chocolate cake! 💩 🍰 #HappyAprilFoolsDay

P.S. I’m not wearing a mask, but my team are wearing theirs! And yes, my hands were clean (hello, I had to scrub in for this mess!) and I don’t double dip…

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“The detail, color and theme was exquisite. They take whatever ideas or concepts you have and build on them, delivering an incredible final product. The look on my Friend and Her Husband’s Face when they Received their Cheeky Kake, Priceless!”


Samantha MacDonald

“Cheeky Kakes is the most thoughtful, unique and useful creation! It makes a great addition to your baby shower! If you want to wow your friends and family, I highly recommend a Cheeky Kake”


Scarlet Johnson

“As an Executive Admin, it’s tough to find Vendors that are consistently awesome, but Cheeky Kakes is the real deal! Their prices are fair for what you get (Which is A Lot), they’re easy to work and communicate with and they care deeply about getting it right, which is Invaluable.”

Danielle C.

“A Cheeky Kake has become the Centerpiece of all of our Office Showers. Not only is it the Most Unique and Thoughtful Gift, but now all I have to worry about is the Food. The Cheeky Kake becomes the Focal Point of the Shower and an Amazing Gift All In one!”


Sonja Smith

“If you are Looking for an Adorable and Impressive Gift for a Baby Shower, Look no Further! Cheeky Kakes is THE BEST!!! This will Definitely Wow not only the Parents to be, but your Shower Guests as well. Cheeky Kakes is an Absolute Must Have”


Lisa D.

“What a find! Cheeky Kakes will work with you and your wants/desires to make a show-stopping baby gift! The look on my friend and her husband’s face when they received it was priceless. They started playing with the lamb I didn’t realize that it also had a little rattle. I highly recommend Cheeky Kakes not only for the amazing products but because of the out of control customer service you get. They treat you like a million bucks.”


K M.

“I just had my baby shower that my mom threw for me this past weekend, and I cannot say enough amazing, wonderful things about the diaper cake that was made. It is absolutely breathtaking. The detail, color, and theme is exquisite.  I could not be more happy and I am putting it on display in our nursery. I don’t ever want to take it apart!


Marishanna G.

“If you are looking for an adorable – and impressive – gift for a baby shower, look no further! Cheeky Kakes is THE BEST! Their diaper cakes are THE CUTEST – they take whatever ideas or concepts you have and build on them, delivering an incredible final product. If you’re looking for something that will definitely wow not only Mom to Be, but also your shower guests, Cheeky Kakes is it!”


“Cheeky Kakes really hooked me up and went out of their way so I had something to take to the hospital besides flowers! They were very nice and really showed me they cared and went an extra mile! I will definitely order from her again and recommend Cheeky Kakes to many others.”

Tanya K.

“I wasn’t looking for a baby gift but I needed one and WOW did I find the most creative and lovely option. Cheeky Kakes are nothing like the ordinary “diaper cakes” you see at showers. They are lovingly made works of art.  The minute I saw them, I had to have it for my friend’s new baby. They have Mommy Gifts too!”

Tiffany G.

Cheeky Kakes is the BEST.  I had to have a diaper kake made in a few days and on a budget and not only did she deliver on time but she went above and beyond to get it to me early.  The diaper kake turned out AMAZING.  I highly recommend Cheeky Kakes as the go to shower gift to wow your friends.

Tara B.

“1) Tiffany is Awesome! 2) Her products may be even cooler than she is… and that’s saying a lot! She was absolutely brilliant. She created this amazing bouquet made out of baby socks (Juicy brand I might add), onesies, bibs and washcloths. It was stunning!

Mary M.

“We Spent a Fortune on our Baby Shower and all that Anyone would Talk about was the Cheeky Kake! It was Definitely a Hit!”


Elizabeth Swanson